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Oil Mist Collector (Filtermist)

The Oil Mist Collector (Filtermist) is specifically utilized in various industrial processes to clean the working ambiance by complete sucking of oil mist. The Filtermist Xcel2 is the most advanced oil collector that is highly efficient in removing the oil mist completely from the industrial working environment. This device can easily be fitted into the internal structure of the machine and it completely meets with the sanity, safety and occupational health requirements of the industry. The mist collector offered by us is the best available package for the employee and environmental protection in industrial premises.

  • Compact in size
  • Improvised airflow with curved vanes
  • Optimum mist collection efficiency with entry cone
  • Split casing consents to easy maintenance
  • Maximum filtration capacity by means of drum and case gap
  • Energy efficient
  • Silent operation
  • Improvise productivity
  • Effective combining aesthetics and functionality
  • Work zone filled with pure air
  • Easy to integrate with wide machine tool range through Aesthetics
  • Clean oil is backed to machine
  • Automatic removal of oil mist from source
  • Centrifugal impaction allows efficient collection of oil mist
  • Automotive Industry
  • Rubber Processing Unit
  • Aerospace Component Manufacturing Process
  • Wood Working Process
  • Heavy Engineering Industries
Technical Specifications
Model Airflow (m3 /hr) Weight (kg)
FX 2000 425 14
FX 3000 850 16
FX 4000 1250 23
FX 5000 1675 29
FX 6000 2000 40
FX 7000 2750 40


Filtermist Mist Collector

We offers Oil Mist Collector to our clients. The latest invention by Filtermist, from the oil mist collector product range - FiltermistXcel. With over 30 years of International experience and internationally acknowledged centres of engineering grandness, we offer the most modern and cost effective systems to remove oil mist.

Light and Streamlined

Coordinated research and development with OEM's, engineering specialists and DSTL (Well Known experts in aerosol science, Worldwide), each and every detail of FiltermistXcel is planned to provide performance that match international standards. Its compact size enables it to be fixed as an internal part of any machine, and help its effective productivity. Energy efficient motors ensure really quiet operation, highly advanced filtration performance and best possible work environment at a minimal cost.

Complete and Proven Solution

After executing the very recognized and accepted Filtermist operating principles FiltermistXcel offers the complete solution to meet occupational health, sanity and safety requirements. You can trust us, when we say you'll get the best package available today for ecology and employee protection. We have already proved this by working with world leader in oil - Mist Control.

Silent Features
  • Minimal size and weight due to compact design
  • Curved vanes result in improved airflow
  • Drum and case gap calculated for maximum filtration efficiency
  • Entry cone maximizes oil mist collection efficiency
  • Split casing allows easy access for maintenance
  • Pure air across work place
  • Aesthetics are designed to integrate with the widest possible range of machine tools
  • Clean oil is returned to machine
  • Centrifugal impaction enables most efficient method to collect oil mist
  • Oil mist is removed from the source itself


Centralized Oil Mist Filter

We offers Oil Filter Unit to our clients. The Absolent type of central filter has less service points and the possibility to lead the process air through a heat exchanger. The highest possible collecting efficiency & extremely low maintenance. ODF filter cassettes are washable in majority of applications. Range of Application - Grinding, Turning, Electrical discharge machining, Machining using neat oil in moderate loads, Milling.

Product Details
ApplicationGrinding, Turning, Electrical discharge machining,
MaterialSuperior alloy steel
Pack TypeBox


Oil Mist Air Filters

We offers Oil Mist Air Filters to our clients. The Absolent type ODR oil smoke filter features one of the most effective system in the world for cleaning oil mist and oil smoke. ODR is designed for handling the most demanding applications, such as heat treatment with minimal maintenance.

Product Details
Porosity0.01 um
Filtration GradeHepa Filter
Medium MaterialMade of the waving aluminum mesh


Compact Oil Mist Filters

We offers Compact Oil Mist Filters to our clients. The Absolent type ODR 3000 oil smoke filter features one of the most effective systems in the world for cleaning oil mist and oil smoke which can run for 1-6 years without requiring a filter change.

Range of Application - Heat-treatment, Cold-drawing, Gear cutting, Grinding with straight oil, Forging operations and cold pressing.

Product Details
MaterialSuperior alloy steel
Filter EfficiencyPM2.5 , 99%; PM0.5 , 95%
Filter Layer2
Filtration GradeMedium Filter
Range of ApplicationHeat-treatment, Cold-drawing, Gear cutting,


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