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Media Filtration Systems

We provide media based filtration systems for your air purification requirement. Our Media Filters consist of 3-stage media based filtration for thorough purification of air.

Technical Specifications
Model Flow Floor Space
SE 25 800 CFM /1350 CMH L=1070 W=580 mm

Product Details
Automation GradeAutomatic
ModelSE 25
Flow800 CFM /1350 CMH
Floor SpaceL=1070 W=580 mm
Shell materiouscarbon steel

Oil Skimmer

To reduce machining temperature in the metal working industries several water-based emulsions are used as coolants, Oil Skimmer is one of them. These coolants are made by mixing water and different cutting oils in a specific ratio. Oils used with these machines for lubricating them get mixed with lubricants quite often. When this happens, the efficiency of the coolant automatically decreases since its properties get changed. The oil mixed with coolant has a tendency to float on the tank surface. This leads to the generation of various kinds of fungus, which produce a very foul smell around the tank.

For a solution to these problems, we at Span Filtermist India Pvt. Ltd, have manufactured ENDLESS BELT TYPE industrial OIL SKIMMERS. These special kind of Skimmers consist geared motors that continuously rotate a belt made of special material allowing oil particles to stick to themselves. A special oil scrapper then scrapes these oil particles and a separate Oil collecting bin collects them in itself. Our Industrial Oil Skimmers are available in capacities from 3 LPH up to 50 LPH to suit any specific requirement.

Available Capacities : 3 LPH to 50 LPH.

  • Removes oil layers in coolant tank
  • Minimizes fungi generation
  • Discards foul smell
  • Imported belt material assures durability
  • Improvised box for motor protection
Product Details :
ApplicationSewage water treatment
Length of Belt (mm)1000 mm
Number of belts1
Oil Recycle Rate(l/hr)10 (l/hr)
Width of Belt (mm)60 mm


Belt Type Oil Skimmer

In metal working industry, various water-based emulsions are used as coolant to enhance productivity. This emulsion is a mixture of water and different types of cutting oils in a specific ratio

While machining, oil used for lubricating various parts of the machine tool, get mixed with the coolant. This leads to change in the properties of coolant and thereby decreasing its efficiency. The lubricating oil mixed in the coolant keeps floating on the coolant surface and adheres to the coolant tank surface. This generates various types of fungi, which leads to an irritating smell around the coolant tank.

To avoid all these problems, Endless belt type oil skimmers are manufactured by Span Filter mist India Pvt. Ltd. These skimmers consists of a geared motor that continuously rotates a Belt made up of special material which allows the oil particles to stick it. These oil particles are then scrapped by a scrapper and collected in a separate oil collecting bin.


Coolant Mixing Valve

The Coolant Mixing Valve is used for the accurate mixing of coolants for a measured performance. It relies on mixing zone design that helps in creating the strong waves of water vapor, which in turn breaks down the coolant concentrate into a homogeneous solution. The resultant fluid is good on stability with high lubricity and tramp oil rejection. The flow rate is based on operating water pressure and it is incorporated with semi-concealed metering screw for fine adjustment of mixing ratios.

The Coolant Mixing Valves are mounted on drums and homogeneously combines the fluid concentrate with water in accurate ratios. Made from non corrosive stainless steel material it is simple to operate.


The Coolant Mixing Valve is installed by connecting it to the pressurized water supply. It comes with water inlet attachment and outlet hose that simply switches the water on and off and controls the mixer.

Dilution Range : 0.5% - 15%
Maximum Flow Rate : 30 LPM
Available Capacities : 205, 25 and 20 liters

  • Adjustable mixing ratio
  • Sturdy structure
  • Simple to operate
  • Excellent implosion prevention
Models available:
  • Standard Coolant Mixing Valve for drums having capacity of 250 liters
  • Model featuring short feed hose and drum adaptor for the drums having capacities 20 liters and 25 liters. This model is designed with neck adaptor to prevent implosion while drum gets empty


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