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Dust Collector

We at Span Filtermist India Pvt. Ltd., manufacture a wide range of industrial dust collectors. Our dust collectors are used in several industries for dust generating applications.

Systems We Specialize Include
Dust Collector
Dust generating applications

Dust CollectorHighlights of our Dust Collecting Systems

Dust Collector Dust Collector

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Coolant Mixer

Our Filtermist coolant mixer relies on a mixing-zone design that creates strong shock waves of water vapor to break down the coolant concentrate into a highly homogeneous emulsion of sub-micron-size oil droplets. The result is a machining fluid characterized by exceptional stability, tramp oil rejection,and cutting-zone lubricity.
Coolant MixerTwo Models
The standard unit is supplied for 205 litre drums with an additional model, featuring a drum adaptor and short feed hose, supplied for 20 and 25 litre drums. The 20/25 Litre drum model with neck adaptor is designed to prevent implosion as the drum empties.

Complete Solution
Our Filtermist drum mounted coolant mixers are of premium quality that accurately combine fluid concentrate with water in accurate ratios, providing a ready to use solution straight from the drum. Our coolant mixer is simple to operate, is made of non-corrosive metal and has no moving parts. Stainless steel and other versions are available. We have incorporated a semi-concealed metering screw for fine adjustment of mixing ratios. Flow-rate is based on operating water pressure.

Simple Installation
Installation is a simple matter of connecting to a pressurized water supply, for which the unit comes complete with water inlet attachment and outlet hose. Simply switching the water on and off controls the mixer.

Dilution range : 0.5%-15%    Max flow rate : 301/min

Salient Features
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Component Cleaning Cabinet

Filtermist Component Cleaning Cabinet is a highly cost effective method of maintaining clean air and removing particle residue at the workplace. It is designed to wash and rinse components in a single cabinet.
Component Cleaning CabinetEnhanced Performance
The Filtermist Component Cleaning Cabinet swiftly and easily removes fluid, dust and metal chips left over from the manufacturing process. By using a simple foot operation to activate the extraction system, all the debris is collected in the internal container.

A powerful airgun enables efficient cleaning of the component and only operates if the extraction unit is working, preventing harmful particles and fluids being propelled into the working environment. A simple connection to an existing air supply is all that is required for installation (no electricity needed).

Load Bearing
It can work hold 10 kgs of weight. Load bearing rails within the machine are aligned with similar rails It has a mobile trolley for basket boogie transfer, alternatively, roller track may be fitted in the rails. Nominal load weight for manual transfer is recommended. This design is faster, more effective and efficient.

Product Code : CABSOO

Product Specifications
  • Pressure: 6 bar (88psi)
  • Airflow: 7S0 I/min (27cfm)
  • Max Work holding Weight: 10kg
  • Weight: 44kg
  • Construction: Mild Steel Powder Coated
  • Colour: Dark Grey
  • Air connection: 1/4" Female BSPTElbow
  • Captures coolant and detergent mist
  • Highly cost effective
  • Efficient component cleaning
  • No electricity supply needed
*Our policy is one of continuous improvement and we reserve the right to change our specifications and prices without notice.